User Registration

By registering for a free user, you can also create a memory. You can also create up to five convenient sub memories now.

Disposable paper prints quickly turn into excellent salespeople!

Until now, wasn't the disposable printed matter of paper ... ineffective and ineffective? If you use the memory, you can turn your printed paper into an excellent salesperson.

On business cards

"my own memory" is convenient for business card exchanges and events such as Marche
Print it on your business card and let the people and customers you meet become fans on the spot. If you use a convenient sub memory, you can directly post works and shopping carts.

On a shop card

"Shop memory" is useful for shop cards
Not only can you remember the store, you can also use it for directions using MAP. If you have an online shop, you can use the sub memory to learn the cart directly.

For company exhibition

Also useful at company exhibitions is "Place Memory"
Students who come to the exhibition can learn about the company on the spot and even get directions for interviews. If you use the sub memory, you can also post the results.

Infinite usage!

In addition, it is used in a variety of scenes, from product exhibitions, inbound guidance, and smartphone rallies using memory to the construction and operation of paper-based fan sites. Please contact us if you are interested.